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Greenbrier Fields Considered for Synthetic Turf

Parks Department and Sports Commission Reviewing Candidate Fields

Greenbrier Park, home to the Yorktown High School athletic fields, has been formally identified as a location for installation of synthetic turf. Both the lower and upper fields at Greenbrier Park are included on fields listed for "future consideration" of the installation of synthetic turf.

The county's list of candidate fields has been divided into two lists. The "top candidate fields" are those that could be upgraded to synthetic turf immediately. The fields on the "future candidates" list could not be upgraded now primarily due to existing plans for other near-term modifications or construction.

Greenbrier recently went through a master planning process (see Greenbrier Park Field Improvements more information), but the detailed design phase of this process now is not expected to begin until at least January, 2004. Therefore, consideration of the use of synthetic turf at Greenbrier can be expected during that design process.

For more information on the county's synthetic turf process see Planning for Synthetic Grass Fields.

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