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Traffic Calming Measures Approved for 27th Street and Little Falls Road
Projects Sent to County Board by Traffic Calming Committee

At the January 24, 2005, meeting of the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Committee (NTCC), traffic calming projects developed by Yorktown neighborhood residents for N. 27th Street and Little Falls Road were selected among seven projects countywide for funding in the Committee’s semi-annual funding session. The County Board is expected to approve funding for the 7 projects next month.

The project on N. 27th Street runs from N. Lexington Street to N. Harrison Street. The final design involves the installation 3 speed humps in this section. Of the 68 households included in the petition area for this project, only 4 voted “no”. Karen White served as block captain. County transportatin planner Ron Hicks has been staffing this effort. He can be reached at 703/228-3691.

The Little Falls project extends from N. Harrison Street to Yorktown Boulevard. The project will involve the installation of nubs and stamped crosswalks at the Little Falls/Harrison intersection with similar improvements at the Greencastle and the Yorktown Boulevard intersections. One speed cushion will be installed in this segment of Little Falls Road.

The block captain for the Little Falls project has been Daphne Lathouras. Of the households petitioned for this project, only one voted “no”. The staff member leading this effort has been Betty Diggs (703/228-3202).

The NTCC selected these two projects for consideration in the Fall Funding Session at its July 2004 meeting based on speed, traffic volume and other objective measures. While County staff is assigned to provide technical assistance, the selection of the specific solutions is left to residents living in the immediate project area. No projects go back to the NTCC for final approval unless agreed to by over 60% of adjacent households.

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Traffic Calming Plan for 25th and 26th Streets Approved
County Board Adopts Neighborhood Plan

At its July 10, 2004, meeting, the Arlington County Board voted to fund traffic calming improvements on north 25th and 26th Streets. Plans for those improvements were developed by neighborhood residents as part of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program process and were approved at the June 17, 2004, meeting of the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Committee. The committee's approval came after roughly 80% of the 255 households in the project area signed petitions of formal support for the project.

Development of the projects was kicked off on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004, when members of the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program approved N. 25th and 26th Streets between George Mason Drive and Glebe Road for consideration of traffic calming measures. Traffic calming assistance was requested by several residents on each street. An organizational meeting for this effort was held on Feb. 25, followed by additional meetings to discuss project options. Program rules require, however, that at least 60% of the 200 households in the affected area sign petitions in support of the project. An open house on April 14, 2004, gave affected residents an opportunity to review the plans and ask questions about the project. Read more..

Harrison Street Traffic Workshop Produces Plans for Improvements
County Transportation Dept. to Present Plans on June 28

Arlington County transportation officials have scheduled a meeting for Monday, June 28, with neighborhood residents to present plans for possible traffic improvements along Harrison Street from Lee Highway through the Little Falls intersection. The meeting will be held in the Yorktown High School cafeteria starting at 7:30 p.m.

The plans are the result of a planning meeting held with residents on April 20, 2004, to collect neighborhood input on traffic speed and pedestrian safety concerns in the segment of North Harrison Street from Lee Highway through the Little Falls Road intersection. The meeting involved tabletop planning excercises that helped facilitate discussion of possible solutions, and gave residents an opportunity to talk about the sign and striping changes made late last year, as well as plans for the Lee Highway interesection and recent discussions about the possibility of nubs at the Little Falls interesection. This segment of Harrison has also been included in a major county initiative to develop traffic calming options for arterial streets. Read more..

Little Falls Road
Traffic Calming Options Don't Receive Adequate Number of Signatures

On August 6th, 2003, Little Falls Road from Harrison Street west to Lexington Street was declared to be eligible to receive traffic calming assistance through the Arlington County Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. Despite several long meetings between residents and county staff to identify the most effective and acceptable solutions, the project was dropped due to lack of signatures. Read more..

Florida Street
Traffic Calming Project Approved by County Board

At its meeting on July 19, 2003, the Arlington County Board approved a round of traffic calming projects, which included one project in the Yorktown neighborhood. The project involves the installation of speed humps and other improvements on North Florida Street from George Mason/Lee Highway to 26th Street. Read more..
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