Yorktown Civic Association
  A neighborhood association in north Arlington, Virginia.

Yorktown High School

September 2016 - The Arlington School Board Announced Plans to Change High School Boundaries to Move More Students to Yorktown High School

Background on current boundaries and the planned changes:

The Arlington School Board Approved the Construction Contract for the YHS Renovation Project on January 22, 2009

The latest documents on the project are:

  • Construction Phasing Plans as Presented at 1/29/09 Pre-Construction Meeting and 2/11/09 Civic Association Meeting:
  • Official Notice of January 29 Pre-Construction Meeting [pdf]
  • School Bd. Contract Award Minutes - 1/22/09 [pdf]
  • School Bd. Contract Award Recommendation - 1/22/09 [pdf]
  • YCA President's Statement on Contract Award - 1/22/09 [pdf]
  • Construction Parking Plan by Phase - 12/30/08 [pdf]
  • Traffic Demand Management Plan - Approved [pdf]
  • APS/County Parks Memorandum of Understanding - Final [pdf]
  • Yorktown High Final Design Report - 10/07 [pdf]
  • School Board Action on Final Design - 10/18/07 [pdf]
  • Yorktown High County Use Permit Conditions - 11/13/07 [pdf]
  • Arlington County Board - hearing video - 10/13/07
  • Staff Report to County Board - 10/5/07 [pdf]

    Final site plan documents (NOTE: these are PDFs of full-size 42 x 30 inch blueprint pages -- zoom in to view detail on your computer. Posted 1/21/09.):
  • Phase I startup
  • Phase I completed
  • Phase II startup
  • Phase II completed
  • Phase III startup
  • Phase III completed
  • Final Landscape Plan

  • APS Design & Construction - Yorktown High School Project

    School System Seeks County Approval for Yorktown High Renovation Project

    The following meetings were held for county review of the Yorktown High renovation project:
      Date Time Location
    Site Plan Review Committee Sep 10 7:30 pm 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Rm 311
    School Board Sep 20 7:30 pm 1426 N. Quincy St., 1st Floor
    Transportation Commission Sep 27 7:30 pm 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Rm 307
    Planning Commission Oct 1 7:00 pm 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Rm 307
    County Board Oct 13 9:00 am 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Rm 307

    Updated project information for upcoming county hearings (updated Sept. 8, 2007):
  • Project Presentation to Sept. 10, 2007, SPRC Meeting [pdf]
  • Staff Report for Sept. 10, 2007, SPRC Meeting [pdf]
  • Project Presentation to BLPC, Aug. 29, 2007 [large pdf]
  • Traffic Demand Management Proposal [pdf]
  • School/County Parking MOU [pdf]
  • APS Available On-street Parking Assumptions - 9/07 [pdf]

    Civic Association Analyses:
  • YHS Project Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Safety: Analysis, Issues and Solutions, 9/24/07 [pdf]
  • Map of Neighborhood Infrastructure Needs
  • Analysis of Zoning Ordinance Parking Requirement (MS Word Doc)
  • Issues Identified for Transportation Commission, June 2007 (MS Word Doc)
  • Issues Identified for SPRC and Planning Commission, June 2007 (MS Word Doc)

    Additional Documents and Background on Parking Issue:
  • APS Response to YCA Parking Questions - June 20, 2007[pdf]
  • YHS Parking Report - March 16, 2007[pdf]
  • Superintendent's Parking Recommendation - March 30, 2007[pdf]
  • Letter to School Board from YCA President - March 20, 2007[pdf]
  • Statement to School Board by YCA Pres. David Haring, Feb. 1, 2007[pdf]
  • Arlington Teen Transit Initiative Report (see page 45) [pdf]
  • School-by-School Comparison of Transit Methods [pdf]

    YHS Project Contact Information

    Yorktown High Construction Project Manager:
    Gary P. Rinkus
    J.Vinton Schafer & Sons, Inc.
    tel. 240-599-4727 or 240-599-4653
    email: grinkus@jvschafer.com

    Arlington Public Schools Contacts:
    Bill O'Connor

    Steve Stricker

    Rasheda McKinney

  • On January 16, at the quarterly Yorktown Civic Association meeting, residents voted to seek a delay in adoption of the building plans until additional parking is provided as part of the project design. YCA President David Haring and V.P. David Friedman spoke at the January 18 School Board meeting.

    Additional information on contacting board members can be found on the Arlington School Board website.

  • YHS Design Presentation to School Board, January 18, 2007 (approved by 5-0 vote on 2/1/07) [pdf]
  • Statement of YCA Pres. David Haring - January 18 School Board Meeting [pdf]
  • YCA Resolution on Parking Issue - January 16 Meeting [pdf]
  • "Broken Promises on Parking" by YCA Pres. David Haring [pdf]
  • "Parking at Yorktown High School" by YCA Member Littleton MacDorman, PE [pdf]
  • Handout on YHS Design [prepared for YCA meeting - pdf]
  • YHS Design Proposal - BLPC Draft, January 2007 [pdf]
  • APS Yorktown High Design & Construction (official project site)

    Project Background

    The Arlington Public School Board is in the process of performing a multi-phase upgrade to the Yorktown High School facility. Phase I, which involved construction of a 30-classroom addition, was completed just in time for the start of the 04-05 school year. Phase II will involve the renovation of the existing structure, and planning for that phase began in late 2005.

    In November, 2006, Arlington voters voted to provide initial funding, as requested by the School Board, for complete renovation of Yorktown High School. The 2006 bond election included $24.8 million for the project, with an additional $75 million included as part of the 2008 bond election. The approved plans calls for construction to begin around July 2008.

    The funding plan is based on a preliminary design selected on May 8, 2006, by the School Board-appointed Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) for rebuilding Yorktown High School from five alternatives prepared by the project architect, Ehrenkranz Eckstut and Kuhn (EEK). That plan was presented to the Arlington School Board at its June 15, 2006, meeting, and on July 6 the School Board made its final decision to include funding for the project in the fall 2006 bond election.

  • A May 2006 information packet on the plan selected by the BLPC can be found at: http://www.arlington.k12.va.us/facilities/design/yorktown/Courtyard%20pages%20May%208.pdf
  • The full set of building specifications for the project can be found at: http://www.arlington.k12.va.us/facilities/design/yorktown%20ed%20spec.shtml

    A public work session on the Yorktown High School phase II renovation project was held on Monday, April 17, 2006 at Yorktown High School. The work session was required by both School Board and County procedures and members of both boards were invited to attend, as were members of the Arlington County Planning and Transportation Commissions. The agenda was be based on the language contained in the School Board's Policy Implementation Procedure 50-1.3 (2/06):

    "For each project requiring a Use Permit, the BLPC hosts a Project Work Session to include School Board, County Board, BLPC, commission members, PTA, neighbors, community and APS and County staff to receive basic information, highlight issues, review alternative schematic designs, and identify areas for further review and analysis."

    Additional information on the school system's project implementation process can be found at: Process Plan.

    Arlington Public Schools has selected the firm of Ehrenkranz Eckstut and Kuhn Architects (EEK) to design the reconstruction of the older portions of the Yorktown High School building. In addition, members of the Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC) who represent stakeholders in the design process have been named by the School Board. The neighborhood is represented on the BLPC by Cate Mueller, Seth Verry, and Asmita Bhat. Planning Commissioner and Yorktown resident Ted Weihe also serves on the BLPC. Additional information on the project, including minutes of the BLPC meetings and design documents, can be found on the school system's website at: Design & Construction - Yorktown High School

    The details on the two finalist project plans can be found at: http://www.arlington.k12.va.us/facilities/design/yorktown/May%208%20presentation.pdf

    The earlier concept plans for the alternatives considerd for the renovation project can be found at: Phase II Concept Plans (Very LARGE pdf file!)

    Background on Parking Changes as a Result of Yorktown High and Greenbrier Park Renovations

    The parking situation around the high school is a major concern of the civic association and nearby neighbors. The number of off-street parking spaces was reduced to make room for the phase I classroom addition, and again to make room for the new fields at Greenbrier Park. However, the County Board and School Board committed to providing a total of 346 off-street parking spaces once construction has been completed on both projects. The following documents represent the parking agreements and background materials on this issue:

  • Superintendent Smith Letter on Parking, Dec. 4, 2006 [PDF]
  • Yorktown/Greenbrier Traffic Impact Analysis - Summary, Nov. 2006 [MS Word Doc]
  • Yorktown/Greenbrier Traffic Impact Analysis - Report, Nov. 2006 [PDF]
  • Yorktown/Greenbrier Traffic Impact Analysis - Appendices, Nov. 2006 [PDF]
  • Photos of parking situatioin near school, Nov. 2006 [PDF]
  • Master Plan for Greenbrier Park as Presented to County Board, April 2002 (See page 5 for details on parking) [PDF]
  • Master Plan for YHS as Presented to School Board, March 2002 [PDF]
  • County/Arlington Public Schools MOU on land/parking, April 2003 [PDF]
  • Arlington County Parking Ordinance (See Section 33.C.4 on page 8) [PDF]
  • Arlington Public Schools Transportation Demand Policy [PDF]
  • Arlington Public Schools Transportation Demand Policy - Implementation Procedures [PDF]

    Phase I Classroom Addition

    In November, 2002, Arlington voters approved a school bond issue that included $9.6 million in funding for a 3 story, 55,000 sq. ft., 30-classroom addition to the existing Yorktown High School structure. The work has involved the demolition of the existing Art Building and existing gymnasium vestibule. New Art and Kiln rooms have been renovated in the existing building and a new gymnasium vestibule is included with the new addition. Classes are being held in this new addition during the 2004-05 school year.

    The FY05-10 Capital Improvement Program includes $2.23-million in planning and design funding for phase II. Arlington voter were asked in the November, 2004, general election to approve the bond money to pay for that CIP. The phase II renovation is currently projected to cost $54-million and would occur beginning in FY2007.

    For additional information on Yorktown High and this project, you can follow these links to information and documents on the County school system's website (note that Acrobat Reader is necessary to open many of these links):

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